Santa Ana’s militant teacher’s union showed their true colors today

Neighbors of the Legacy College Prep charter school in Santa Ana have a beef about traffic and have been picketing at the school, as reported by the New Santa Ana blog. This school is part of the Ednovate program sponsored by USC.

While there might be some traffic issues no one is contesting the value of the education available at Legacy College Prep. Parents are in fact very enthused by this school.

But the militant teachers union in Santa Ana, which calls itself the Santa Ana Educators Association, showed up today at Legacy College Prep after their union president, Barbara Pearson, asked her union members to picket the parents and students who attend the Legacy Charter School.

Pearson and her union goons don’t care about traffic issues. They just hate charter schools! They don’t want parents to have a choice about where their kids get educated.

Thanks to this year’s Janus Decision, Santa Ana public school teachers can now quit paying dues to Pearson and her union. We hope they will do just that.

The last thing teachers ought to be doing is attacking kids and their parents who choose to participate in a charter school!

Shame on Pearson and her union goons. They owe the kids and parents at Legacy College Prep a huge apology.

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