The SAUSD is spending taxpayer money to promote their latest tax increase

It is bad enough that the SAUSD School Board, led by Trustees John Palacio and Valerie Amezcua, is trying to raise our taxes again – for the third time in Palacio’s tenure. But today the SAUSD sent a mailer to every resident in the district touting their latest tax raising scheme, Measure I. Imagine what this cost?

It is of course thoroughly unethical for the SAUSD to spend taxpayer money to promote a tax raising bond measure! 

Remember that Palacio and company have already raised our taxes by a whopping $720 million dollars. Now Measure I will put us another $232 million dollars in debt.

Palacio and company keep on making all sorts of empty promises but they never deliver – they just keep coming back for more money.

Don’t forget that when Santa Ana voters approved Measure C in 1999, a year after Palacio was first elected they promised to build 13 new schools. However, after C passed with 70.3% of the vote, district officials spent $450 million building only five schools.[2]

Now Palacio and his cronies want to raise the ante to almost a billion dollars of debt – at a time when enrollment in SAUSD schools has been dropping. It is outright criminal!

Bond measures not only increase our property taxes they also increase rents – contributing to higher rates of homelessness.

Don’t forget that we are also paying for two Rancho Santiago Community College District bond measures too!

Californians are the most overtaxed residents of the United States – and Palacio and Amezcua are sticking it to Santa Ana residents yet again with Measure I.

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