Charter schools are public schools!

Only 41 percent of voters even know that charter schools are in fact public schools. In fact the other day I heard a radio ad that was paid for by the California Teacher’s union where they called charter schools “corporate schools.” They can call them whatever they want but charter schools are indeed public schools.

Traditional public schools are tied to school districts and set their curriculums based on state education standards, according to

What this means is that traditional public schools must adhere to education standards set by the state education board and are not exempt from any state, federal, or local laws regarding education. They are governed by the school district, which is run by a democratically-elected school board.

Charter schools and traditional public schools are both free and they  cannot discriminate against students they admit to their schools. They both receive state funding as well.

Charter schools receive state funding on a fixed, per-pupil basis, while traditional public schools receive more funding more heavily in the form of local taxpayer dollars. Both types of schools directly compete for state funding.

In terms of accountability, state schools adhere directly to standards set by the state board of education, but charter schools are bound to their charter, which is drawn up by a group (could be a for-profit organization, a group of teachers, parents, the local school district, or government entities). Theoretically, a charter school can be shut down if it does not meet the standards outlined in its charter.

Santa Ana has many award-winning charter schools. You can check them all out here.

Santa Ana’s militant teacher’s union is not a fan of charter schools because these schools don’t generally hire from the union. And the union doesn’t like the fact that charter schools get public funding that the union teachers believe they are all entitled to.

Parents in Santa Ana are generally big fans of charter schools however, ironically, our local school board generally opposes all new charter schools. Fortunately the Orange County Board of Education often overrules the SAUSD School Board in these matters.

We demand choice in just about every fact of our lives. Why then do the unionized teachers expect us to be happy with no choice when it comes to the education of our children?

Charter schools are indeed public schools and if I am elected to the SAUSD School Board I will not bash these schools. I will support school choice. Parents should decide what schools to entrust their kids to!


1 thought on “Charter schools are public schools!

  1. Tammra d

    I find the statement that the majority of Santa Ana parents support charter schools. Please give the percentage if Santa Ana students enrolled in charter schools compared to SAUSD overall enrollment. Then break down the number of students whom have IEP’s it 504’s that are enrolled in charter schools
    Let’s atleast be transparent



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