Why are parents always the last to know when kids get molested at the SAUSD?

Eddy Bustamante Infante (23-years-old), a resident of Santa Ana, was arrested this Friday, Oct. 5, for Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child two years ago involving a then 10-year old girl who was involved in an after school program at Greenville Fundamental Elementary School.

Infante was an After School Instructional Provider / Teacher’s Aide at Greenville Elementary School, where he has worked since 2015.

The SAUSD took over after school programs in the district a few years ago. This is the first molestation to take place, to my knowledge, involving an employee of their after school programs. But there have been quite a few teachers and coaches arrested for molestation over the past few years.

To make matters worse the SAUSD has absolutely bungled communications with parents when these awful crimes take place.

Here are a few comments made by Greenville parents over at the New Santa Ana blog’s Facebook page:

  • WTF why didn’t Greenville notify us parents that this happened 😠😠😠 … Let me guess our principal don’t want to deal with upset parents like usual.
  • School is supposed to notify parents since its fundamental school they probably want to keep under wraps
  • I already posted on their page and they responded with they didn’t know and are gathering facts until they make a statement
  • makes me very upset they want to play dumb and give the lame excuse if not knowing…
  • Even when you complain to the district about what’s going on they never look into it. I asked them to send someone to check on the kids and no one even showed up.
  • Our kids aren’t safe anywhere any more
  • This is bullshit why didn’t the school notify all parents, they send bullshit txt msg all the fucking time where the f*ck was this notification.
  • Super upset. This my sons summer “teacher ” of 2017. I wish the school took time to informed us.

To date, SAPD detectives have identified 3 victims in this case. I can’t imagine what is going to happen to these little girls. The damage will be lasting.

You would think that the SAUSD would have used their Twitter account to let parents know what was happening. But you would be wrong. Their Twitter page is just a bunch of P.R. for the district!

The SAUSD still has not issued a release about this matter. Don’t bother checking their website – there is no mention there either.

BTW look at the suspect’s booking photo and tell me who thought it was a good idea to let this guy work with kids?

Eddy Bustamante Infante

And check out this convicted molester that the SAUSD hired to teach at Santa Ana High School:

Alvar Albert Gonzalez

This guy actually was a former student at Santa Ana High School. Look at how he looked back then:

Alvar Gonzalez, class of 1988, Santa Ana High School

Is it just me or is the SAUSD hiring obvious freaks? Why is anyone surprised at how this is working out?

We need to challenge how the SAUSD is hiring their teachers, coaches, teacher’s aides and after school workers. And we must demand that the district become more transparent and put parents first. Bad enough that they are hiring creeps – why are they keeping parents in the dark?

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