How is it that there is only one teacher on the SAUSD School Board?

Guess which one is a teacher?

Most school districts feature at least a few teachers – usually retired educators. But there is only one teacher on the SAUSD School Board – college professor Rigoberto Rodriguez. The other SAUSD Board Members include Alfonso Alvarez, a school social worker; Valerie Amezcua, a retired probation officer; John Palacio, a political consultant; and Ceci Iglesias, a businesswoman.

The current crop of SAUSD School Board candidates includes one teacher – Art Pedroza. The other candidates include Angie Cano, an economist and businesswoman; John Palacio, Valerie Amezcua and Cecilia Aguinaga, a Realtor.

There are quite a few teachers who live in Santa Ana but many live outside of the SAUSD’s borders. Those who don’t live here can’t run for the SAUSD School Board.

When you consider that the SAUSD’s students are not doing well in math and English it makes sense to try to elect more educators. Pedroza has been teaching for fifteen years at Cerritos College – and he has also been an occupational safety trainer for almost twenty years.

Pedroza’s four children all grew up in Santa Ana’s public schools. His daughter graduated from Santa Ana High School and she is now a fashion designer in New York. His two older sons graduated from Godinez High School. One of them earned two degrees at UCLA after he had the highest GPA in the SAUSD upon graduating. The other is studying at Santa Ana College.

Palacio has been on the SAUSD School Board for twenty years. His legacy is almost a billion dollars in bond debt – which will go up again this year if he manages to bamboozle the voters with Measure I, his latest bond measure scheme.

It is clearly time for new leadership on the SAUSD School Board. And electing another teacher would definitely be a step in the right direction!

We also encourage you to vote for Angie Cano, a graduate of the SAUSD who went on to graduate from UCI and now wants to help her community.


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