Santa Ana residents are tearing down illegal Measure I signs!

Wrecked Illegal Measure I sign

The unethical supporters of the SAUSD’s Measure I, their third property tax increase in the past 20 years, have now resorted to illegally placing campaign signs on the lawns of residents – without their permission!

A retired resident in my Park Santiago Neighborhood was having none of that this morning. She actually worked in education for many years, retiring from Santa Ana College. But she has not been fooled by the Measure I campaign – “I don’t know where all this money is going,” she told me this morning.

The resident can barely walk without a cane – but she was still able to amble up to the Measure I sign on her lawn – and she quickly dispatched it.

She is voting no on Measure I, no on Measure X (the Santa Ana sales tax increase), yes on Measure 6 (to repeal the gas tax) and of course she is voting for Art Pedroza for the Santa Ana School Board!

If someone places a campaign sign on your lawn without your express permission – tear it down! What they are doing is illegally trespassing on your property.

1 thought on “Santa Ana residents are tearing down illegal Measure I signs!

  1. Mike Tardif

    Since this wise lady worked far Santa Ana College – do you suppose that the Yes on “I” folks were using school resources illegally (mailing list)?



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