20 year SAUSD School Board Member John Palacio does not want to hear from you

Guess which one of these candidates actually wants to hear from you?

After 20 years on the SAUSD School Board it is very apparent that longtime incumbent John Palacio does not want to hear from you – or anyone else in the District. Palacio did not include his phone number in his candidate ballot statement.

Good luck finding Palacio on Facebook or Twitter. He does not use any social media. For all we know he might still be using a typewriter too!

I included my personal cell phone number in my own ballot statement. And you can find my campaign page on Facebook as well as my personal page.

I have also been covering what happens in Santa Ana since 2009 in my New Santa Ana blog. My blog’s Facebook page has over 23,000 followers!  And yes you may message me there too.

The SAUSD’s Facebook page, for comparison’s sake, has only 6,991 followers. The City of Santa Ana’s Facebook page only has 10,806 followers.

If I am elected you will always be always to get a hold of me. I won’t hide in the shadows like Palacio has for 20 years. And I won’t tolerate the SAUSD doing the same – no more cover-ups once I am on the SAUSD School Board.

You want transparency? Well that is what I will deliver – and you can bet the overpaid hacks at the SAUSD’s district headquarters won’t be happy about that!

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