Vote for Santa Ana’s Taxfighters!

Did you know that SAUSD School Board members John Palacio and Valerie Amezcua have not put their names on any of the pro Measure I (SAUSD property tax increase) mailers? There is a reason for that! They voted to place this measure on the ballot but they know full well that the overtaxed Santa Ana residents don’t want to pay for more taxes!

The anti tax message is really resonating in this year’s Santa Ana elections. The Orange County Register endorsed two taxfighters – Ceci Iglesias in Ward 6 and Miguel “Mike” Gonzalez in Ward 2. The Register did not, for whatever reason, consider the SAUSD School Board race. If they had done so I am confident they would have endorsed me and my colleague Angie Cano – not tax-raising Palacio and Amezcua!

Here is what the Register had to say about Gonzalez:

In our view, businessman Miguel Gonzalez is the best suited to fill that position. Gonzalez, the CEO of Santa Ana Security Services, Inc., offers a fiscally responsible approach to the council. An opponent of all new taxes in the city, Gonzalez argues the city would be better off making it easier for businesses to operate in the city.

To address the need for more affordable housing, Gonzalez argues the development of new housing stock is held back in part due to bureaucratic red tape, which he seeks to scale back. This is a sensible and responsible approach to city government. Miguel Gonzalez has our endorsement.

Here is what the Register had to say about Iglesias:

For Ward 6, we endorse Cecilia Iglesias. A member of the Santa Ana Unified school board, Iglesias has been a vocal and consistent truth teller when it comes to the state of education.

Iglesias will bring that same honest approach to the council. Whereas many politicians shy away from the real problem of rising pension costs, Iglesias advocates for pension reform on the grounds that politicians “start negotiating for the constituents that elected them.” Iglesias will work to cut unnecessary spending and improve transparency and accountability in City Hall. Iglesias has our endorsement.

When you vote – if you have not done so already – don’t forget to vote for Santa Ana’s taxfighters – and vote no on Measure I and on Measure X (the Santa Ana sales tax increase). While you are at it – vote Yes on Measure 6 too and let’s get rid of the latest onerous gas tax!

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