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Charter schools are public schools!

Only 41 percent of voters even know that charter schools are in fact public schools. In fact the other day I heard a radio ad that was paid for by the California Teacher’s union where they called charter schools “corporate schools.” They can call them whatever they want but charter schools are indeed public schools.

Traditional public schools are tied to school districts and set their curriculums based on state education standards, according to Continue reading


Santa Ana’s militant teacher’s union showed their true colors today

Neighbors of the Legacy College Prep charter school in Santa Ana have a beef about traffic and have been picketing at the school, as reported by the New Santa Ana blog. This school is part of the Ednovate program sponsored by USC.

While there might be some traffic issues no one is contesting the value of the education available at Legacy College Prep. Parents are in fact very enthused by this school. Continue reading

More Americans now support school choice for all families

The results of a new poll suggest that a majority of Americans now support the expansion of school choice for all families. With 54 percent of respondents saying they favor universal-choice policies—which typically come in the form of programs that let families use government money to pay for private schools, according to The Atlantic.

While I raised my four kids in local public schools here in Santa Ana one of them was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder when he was a child. Two public schools failed to educate him and finally we got permission from the SAUSD to enroll our son at a charter school where the teachers were experts in special education. It worked! Our son transitioned back to mainstream schools in a few years and he graduated from Godinez Fundamental High School. Continue reading